This Artist Paints On Icebergs To Send An Important Message To The World

Sean Yoro, who goes by the name of Hula, is known for painting large murals in rather unusual places, including underwater.

Using nontoxic acrylic paints, Hula sits on a surfboard and paints images that will be covered and revealed as the tides rise and fall, and  he even uses the ocean itself to influence the composition.

Hula has painted on walls, abandoned ships, and other solid items. But now he has shifted his focus to icebergs.

Why, you may ask? The artist explains:

“Within a few weeks, these murals will be forever gone, but for those who find them, I hope they ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being affected from the rising sea levels of climate change.”

You can see more of Hula’s astounding work at his website.

Take a look at these stunning images!