This Cat Takes To The Slopes Like A Pro (VIDEO)

In a new YouTube video, Weston, the cat, can be seen riding his owner’s shoulders while sledding down a steep hill. The cat is going at crazy speeds but doesn’t seem to mind it one bit.

The cat’s owner, and photographer, Jesse Smith, says that he is extremely safe with Weston and that this dare devil cat is used to the great outdoors. Smith told the Huffington Post:

“My wife and I have taken both cats sledding once before, and they both were content as could be.¬†Weston usually opts for the shoulder perch and does a great job of balancing up there. Also, being that it is quite cold during all this snow play, we do make sure to take frequent trips back to the warm car.”

Weston and his feline conpanion, Ellinore, are always up to some type of adventure and even have a Facebook page completely devoted to them.

We love it Weston! Shred away buddy!

Featured image via Facebook.