This Daddy-Daughter Dance Ingeniously Performs Old-School to Modern in One Number

While I was doing nothing, I decided to scroll and find something to watch on YouTube and chance upon a segment of a father-daughter dancing together. It just made me wonder how big an impact could a father’s influence on a daughter. Being a role model will help expand a girl’s self-confidence, love, trust, and security. This relationship will bring a crucial part in her journey to adulthood. They will always have things to share and have fun bonding together, whether it be playing, singing, or dancing.

Just like in this video, daddy and daughter competed and made an old school to a modern one dance. Daddy was telling the daughter that she is about to go to college, and it’s going to be a lot of hard work; he wants to remind her that he wanted her to have fun. Then he said, “I’m going to show you,” suddenly he started dancing. He was interrupted by the daughter and told him that it was old, and this is the way it should be and showed him her dance steps to the audience’s delight.

Daddy-Daughter-dance-modernAnd the showdown began, they showed each other their own dance variation—the father with his old school style and the daughter to the modern genre. However, in the middle of their performance, the father imitated his daughter’s steps and ended up dancing together with different stride from ballroom dancing to waltz. Regardless of the difference in style or from old school to modern dance, they both displayed excellent performance, they both exhibited a superb technique in dancing. That’s an example of a secured connection of a daddy and daughter relationship.

Daddy-Daughter-danceWatch the fun and lovely performance of this father-daughter combo that will definitely lighten up your day:

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