This Hippo Just Unleashed the World’s Biggest Fart, Freaks Out Group of Kids

Wanna see some interesting breaking wind? I promise this will be worth your precious time! What you’re about to see is something massively extraordinary and it will surely make your day in an instant. While people were having a lovely time strolling around the zoo, a huge hippo suddenly did a smelly act that has caught the attention of many. Visitors were stopped in their tracks as our hefty friend chose to give everyone a show that they’ll never forget. After a relaxing dip, the animal went out of the water and positioned himself for an explosion.

Soon enough as it lifted its heavy legs, its tail started to wiggle. Confused onlookers also heard something weird along with it- a familiar sound that they knew they’ve already heard somewhere. Only this time, it’s much louder. As the creature went on with his deed, the sound became more and more intense. And with it is some nasty stuff that our famous hippo had to secrete unapologetically. After that, the animal just went on its business like nothing happened. It was too hilarious! As to the crowd, they were all too surprised to even process what just happened.

I mean, I don’t blame them at all. I’m here watching it in front of the screen and I’m just as fazed! I even had to watch it over and over again. (Don’t judge me.) What more if you see such helicopter fart in real-time and even capture it on film? Both the adults and kids were pretty unsure of what just commenced right before their eyes. But after a while, they finally recovered and let out some hearty laughter and grossed out shrieks. That said, this hippo may just have won the awards for the world’s most creative and entertaining farter!

Go see it now and share the fun! Watch the video below that’ll definitely make you chuckle.
If there’s ever a farting Olympic event for animals, our hippo right here will surely have the gold medal. It was too epic!