This Huge Dog Cafe with a Beach Inside Will Soon Open in the UK

Dogs, a café, and an indoor beach in one? Where is this paradise and why haven’t I visited this yet? As soon as I stumbled upon this special place, I knew right away that I had to share it with the world especially to those who are living near Timperley, Greater Manchester. This enormous canine coffee shop in the UK can house up to 120 human customers and their doggos, of course. Called the Alfie’s Island Café, the place will soon cater dog lovers who are hoping to adopt their own fur buddies or are just in for a lovely treat and would love to be around adorable pups.

The exciting business will have enough space for everyone with its 22-acre site! The area will be prepared to accommodate customers who’d love to hang out with the cute pooches and also enjoy good food. The hub includes both an outdoor dining area and a private room. It even has its very own indoor dog beach! Woah! Diners can revel in the relaxing atmosphere as they devour different American-inspired food like burgers, pancakes, hotdogs, and more. Of course, our furry friends also get to have a dedicated menu. It sure does sound fun, don’t you think?

The idea was actually inspired by a golden retriever from Greece named Alfie, of which the owners Tony and Tania Golden rescued- hence, the café’s name. Their beloved pup has pushed them to help more stray dogs in need and give them their own furever homes that they rightfully deserve. With that, they’ve decided to collaborate with the Starlight Barking Trust and make all these happen. And, to cater to these canines’ needs, they made sure to make the temporary shelter cozy and dog-friendly.

“The dogs get a chance to play outside if they want to, they can play together and sleep together,” Tony shared. “We do really look at things from a scientific side – it’s not just about making a play area that looks pretty. A lot of dogs will freak out in a kind of warehouse setting, it can mess with their personality. They’re so much happier here. It’s a very big space with a lot of flexibility, and that’s what we love about it,” he said.

Surely, the two have put so much thought into creating such a delightful place. I can’t wait to finally see it open its doors to the public!