This Just In: Wine Is Not Just For Humans Anymore!

You heard me right, we can now share our love for wine with our furry feline pets. Apollo Peak, a company based out of Colorado, has created a catnip-based wine specifically for cats. Cats all over the world are rejoicing and enjoying.

Image via DearDenver

There are currently four flavors for our fur babies to try, MosCATo, Pinot Meow, Catbernet, and White Kittendel. This product comes in 8-ounce or 1.6-ounce bottles, and it’s purr-fect for every catnip loving feline. All four flavors are 100 percent safe for animals and humans to consume. Since these products are obviously non-alcoholic and made with organic herbs and fresh beets they are perfect for cats of all ages.

Image via Denverpost

Just put a little in a bowl or saucer, and grab your own glass of wine. Then sit back and enjoy your cat’s reaction. Just like regular catnip, the results vary but it usually makes cats extremely playful and hyper.

Cheers to never having to drink alone again!

Featured image Via Meowingtons