This McDonald’s Is Built Into An Old Colonial Home


And according to Reddit user Don’tWorry-AboutIt, they serve lobster rolls. Yum.

This is in Freeport, ME, which is the headquarters of LL Bean, and the main street has basically turned into an outlet mall because of it. To keep the image up, the town has strict codes about the appearance of businesses on main street, and McDonald’s sort of one-upped what was asked of them. They also serve lobster rolls.


Apparently, they didn’t just do this because it’s cool and amazing (though it is). It has to do with the strict zoning laws in Freeport. From Reddit user Major-Paine:

As someone who lives near here, and has worked in Freeport in the past, it is way nicer than having a traditional McDonald’s. Freeport has some fairly specific zoning rules for businesses to adhere to as well and a traditional McDonald’s would never qualify for the style.




Found on Reddit. More strange McDonalds locations here. Images via Imgur.