This Photo Of A Starfish Mouth Will Totally Creep You Out

The starfish has always been one of the most fascinating specimens in the aquatic realm. Like the name suggests- this fish has a star-like shape with several arms, spikes, and vibrant colors. Most times, the starfish loves to cling to rocks – where the water keeps them nice and cool. Many within these species can also grow back any severed or torn limbs – courtesy of accidents or nautical predators.

Starfish can also extract oxygen from the water with tiny molecules. These are based all over their bodies, which allow them to secure optimal mobility and flexibility. At first glance, however, this amazing and unique creature does not seem so interesting. In fact, they are not even considered animals since you hardly see them move or consume prey.

The fact is that they do move, and must feed in order to survive. With no visible mouths, however, how do starfish eat or catch prey? According to marine biologists, starfish are sly predators that rely on their slow movements to effectively attract, engage, and trap prey. This creature also exposes its mouth and stomach against the rock it clings to. This is why no one can see its mouth, eye, or even nose.

For example: a starfish clinging to a rock can easily capture mollusks. It then wraps itself around its prey tightly. Once the prey is secured, the starfish uses it powerful arms to snap open the mollusk’s shell – thus exposing the meaty interior. The starfish then pushed its stomach out of its mouth and consumes the mollusk whole. Once the meal is done, the starfish will swallow its stomach and begin the digestion process.

This amazing video showcases the starfish in its habitat – as well as its methods of attracting and consuming prey.

This unique creature is truly a miracle of nature. Like barnacles, starfish rely on their instincts and are considered expert hunters. In addition to mollusks, starfish love to consume clams, oysters, and mussels. They always have a hankering for sand dollars, snails, and small fish as well. While some starfish hunt for meat, others are fine eating plankton and even coral for dinner.

Screengrab via: Youtube