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This Photographer Captured The Surreal Beauty Of Frozen Lake Baikal

Can this place even be real?

Walking on a frozen lake? Yeah, it sounds like a Disney movie, but Kristina Makeeva, a photographer from Russia, did it while capturing its beauty through pictures. The results are just breathtaking!

Via Instagram

She didn’t just cross any lake; she traveled to the mountainous Russian region of Siberia to fall in love with the deepest, oldest, and clearest one on earth: Lake Baikal. 

Baikal is around 600km in length, the thickness reaches 1.5-2 meters, and according to her experience, it is so clear you can see 40 meters deep – fish, plants, bubbles, and even some lost objects included! 

I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful it must be to stand on the top of one of the most magnificent places I’ve ever seen, but here are some pictures taken by Makeeva that will make you want to pack and fly to Siberia right away.

Via BoredPanda
Via BoredPanda
Via BoredPanda
Via BoredPanda
Via BoredPanda
Via BoredPanda

WOW, right?

Featured image via BoredPanda

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