Trouble Falling Asleep Or Have Anxiety? Try ASMR! (VIDEOS)

Mobile devices can do more than go off every few minutes with notifications, reminding us that we now live in a world that never sleeps. They can also help us tune that out that noise

Autonomous sensory meridian response, more commonly referred to as ASMR, is a soothing feeling accompanied by tingling sensations throughout your body. Soft sounds can invoke these sensations that can either lull you into a deep sleep or simply reduce stress.

Just like funny employee training videos, ASMR has a cult online following. While there’s a plethora of YouTube channels devoted to it, below are a few we think you’ll enjoy.

So turn off your mobile notifications and relax for a while.

Gentle Whispers

YouTube channel GentleWhispers has over 800,000 subscribers and dozens of videos to choose from. Her soft voice and versatile scenarios can help put the most stressful person at ease.

Here’s a popular one of her applying makeup to, well, the camera.

Source: YouTube 

Virtual Massage

The New Massageclips ASMR also has dozens of videos to choose from. They’re produced by a massage therapist who shows herself massaging clients. During each video, she uses her soft voice to describe what she’s doing. There are also a few guided meditation videos spoken in that same soothing voice.

If you stand up all day, then you’ll probably enjoy this video of her massaging someone’s feet.

Source: YouTube

The Relaxation Hub

With nearly half a million subscribers and dozens of videos, it’s safe to say that ASMR Darling knows what she’s doing. Her soft voice and interesting scenarios are sure to send tingles throughout your body.

Here’s one of her virtually cutting your hair.

Source: YouTube  

Relaxation has been shown to have long-term health benefits. So take some time for yourself and enjoy some ASMR.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via YouTube