UK Pizza Hut Has More Food Americans Would Want To Eat Than The US Version Does (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Pizza Hut has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Back in 1958, it was just this small restaurant with a simple menu.

Nowadays you can get pasta, wings and even brownies. Of course, some cities in America don’t carry everything. For example, my city just has three flavors of wings. So much for those spicy garlic ones they have in zip code 90210.

As I was lamenting about my lackluster wings, curiosity got the best of me. So I googled international Pizza Hut and stumbled up on the U.K. menu.

It’s time to move.


First of all, they have actual garlic bread with cheese in U.K. Pizza Huts. I went back to the U.S. site and plugged in several different zip codes to see if any American stores offered this delicacy.


Source: Pizza Hut

They also have cheese and onion bites. Why wouldn’t Americans want to eat this delicious combination?

Source: Pizza Hut


Tuscani Meaty Marinara and Tuscani Chicken Alfredo are what American Pizza Hut offers in terms of pasta. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a big dish of macaroni and cheese with your pizza?

The U.K. Pizza Hut offers it.

And what’s more Italian than lasagna? I’m sure plenty of Americans would love to eat this instead (or with) pizza.


Americans love chicken and spicy food, and yet we don’t have this Sweet Chilli Pulled Chicken pizza. They do in the U.K., though.

Source: Pizza Hut

Care for a pizza loaded with ‘spicey sausage, chicken, chorizo and pepperoni on a BBQ sauce?’ Then go to the U.K. for a Texas Meat Meltdown pizza.

Source: Pizza Hut


While us Americans are topping off our pizza with brownies and chocolate chip cookies, people in the U.K. can cleanse their palettes with an actual ice cream factory.

Source: Pizza Hut

Not in the mood for ice cream? Then here’s some key lime pie.

Source: Pizza Hut

Have you been to an American chain restaurant in another country? Tell us what you ate in the comments!

Watch this video of Paddy McGuinness applying for a job at the U.K. Pizza Hut headquarters, which is the first in a funny web series.

Feature Image Source: Pizza Hut.