Unbelieveable — Five Animals That Think They Are Dogs

The nature vs. nurture debate is an ongoing one. The next couple of stories prove that nurture can be an important factor. These animals chose to become dog-like pets!

#1 A Goat

The Filipino army rescued a goat named Agua. She was discovered in a ditch, blind in the right eye. After Aqua was recovered, one of the soldiers adopted her.

What makes this story interesting is that Aqua started acting like a dog. She can be found jogging with the squad, enjoys taking baths, and is very affectionate with dogs and other people.

#2 A Turkey

Cranberry the turkey decided she was not going to end up on the Christmas table, went rogue, and decided to become a dog.

She was found by Jerry and Dawn Watkins while roaming through the car park. Cranberry instantly bonded with the Watkins’ dogs and got her own kennel and food bowl.

The turkey became the leader of the pack. The crazy thing is, labs are bred to hunt game birds, but have no problem being bossed around by a turkey.

Image Source : The Dodo

#3 A Porcupine

Meet Stinkers, a porcupine that declares himself a puppy. He keeps running around, begs for attention, and likes cuddling and belly rubs.

The only problem? He is COVERED in spines and touching Stinkers without gloves is a big no-no.

#4 A Pig

We saw the movie Babe, a story about a piglet that wanted to become a dog. Here we have a real live example. Her name is Virginia, and she grew up with boxers. These dogs became so close to Virginia that she is sure she is one of them.

Image Source : The Dodo
Image Source : The Dodo

#5 A Cow

Moooooving on, Milkshake the cow never had contact with other members of her species. She was saved from an abusive owner and taken to the Grace Foundation ranch.

Since she was the only cow there, and never saw a cow other than herself, she only hung out with dogs. Now she believes she is a member of the pack.

She runs and eats with them, and even tries to get into the car. She even has separation anxiety when her owner leaves the ranch.

Image Source : The Dodo
Image Source : The Dodo

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