Veteran’s Service Dog Visits Prison To Reunite With the Inmate Who Trained Him

Dogs are wonderful creatures, there are absolutely no questions about that. We’ve heard countless stories of how dogs are able to save their owners’ lives. But to be able to save two different lives on two different aspects of life is simply amazing. Meet Pax, a yellow Labrador Retriever who saved Bill Campbell’s life. You see, Bill is a 47-year old veteran who came from the war in Iraq. He went home thinking his life is over because he is 100% disabled because of a concussive and traumatic brain injury.


Pax was able to give Bill a new chance in life. But Bill was not the first person whose life was saved by Pax. Before being given to Bill, Pax was trained by the women who are inmates at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. For 10 years, the 27 women in the facility have been training service dogs that are to be given to veterans and other people who may need dogs’ help or companionship. Because they are inmates, they don’t usually the results of the dogs they train, or who their dogs were given to.

But Bill was different. He wanted to thank the ladies personally for training Pax and in turn giving him a new life. This is where he met Laurie Kellogg, 44, the woman whom Pax also saved. Laurie was the one who trained Pax. For her, Pax also saved her life, as Pax was given to her three weeks after her father died.


While she was training Pax, she was being helped with her mourning. She was devastated when Pax was taken away to be given to the service, but she understands PTSD and she would love for Pax to do what he did for her to another person.

Watch the video below to see how special Laurie is to Pax. You can feel the love just by looking at these two.

Laurie, like the majority of the other women there is convicted of murder. But most of them just killed their abusers.