Resurfaced Video Shows Jerry Lewis Dancing The Jitterbug in a 1954 Film

Although most people are born knowing how to dance, that doesn’t mean everyone is a good dancer. Only a handful of people will end up on Dancing with the Stars if you know what I mean. With that said, most people who are thrown onto a dance floor and forced to dance are able to tap something out. It’s human nature to start moving to the beat when we hear the music start to play. Certainly, your parents were likely proud of you when you started dancing for the first time. They even may have thought you were the best dancer to ever live, at least until you got older and proved them wrong.

Although few of us are born expert dancers, dancing is one of those skills that can be learned with enough practice and training. Practicing a particular dance style can eventually lead to someone being a pretty decent dancer. The more you practice, the more confident you become. However, for some people, skilled dancing seems to come more easily. When we think about dance performances that stand the test of time, we usually think about those classics like the tango and the salsa that have been handed down through the generations. But there are some dances that have passed from the dance scene that are still amazing to watch.


When you hear old folks talking about the way people danced back in the “old days,” they may be referring to the time of their childhood and teen years when their entertainment and music preferences were developed. It seems that most people fondly remember the music and dance of their youth, and they refer to this when they talk about the best memories they have of performances. For younger generations, seeing the old-time dances performed in movies often makes them look at their parents and grandparents in a new way. Perhaps they’re wondering if their elders were ever that cool.


Take for example the video we’re showing here. If you think you’ve never heard of an entertainer named Joseph Levitch, you’re probably wrong. You see, Joseph Levitch is the real name of none other than legendary comedian Jerry Lewis, a man who was famous in the middle of the 20th century. Although most known for his iconic comedic abilities, he also translated his comedy to dance. In this film from 1954, Jerry Lewis is being silly and funny as he dances the famous dance called the “jitterbug,” but if you watch how he moves and closely watch his feet, you’ll see that he’s actually an incredibly skilled and talented dancer.

Because Jerry Lewis’s performances were captured on film, we can look back and marvel at the sheer agility and talent that this multifaceted entertainer had.