Want To Be More Productive? Follow These Tips From The Masters! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Oh, procrastination! The art of never getting things done besides the fact we all have the same 24 Beyoncé has. Even the same 24 hours Albert Einstein, Darwin, Freud, Beethoven, and all those masterminds had.
Have you ever wondered how on earth did these geniuses even found the time to change the world? Well, writer Mason Currey investigated their daily routines to figure that out, and our pals at InfoWeTrust created the infographic below with all their creative habits.

The results are pretty interesting.

Via InfoWeTrust

Turns out not all great minds think alike, but they sure invested in quality sleep, social skills and drank a lot of coffee. If that’s the secret, anyone else in for learning from the masters?

Featured Image via Tumblr