Watch Out! These 9 Animals Are Considered The Most Dangerous

We all know the classic animals to run away from, like lions, tigers, and bears. What about the blue-ringed octopus, or the poison dart frog? Lions and tigers are dangerous, but there are many other deadly animals that you may not have heard of. Here are some animals outside of the limelight that you should absolutely run away from on sight.

1. Africanized Honey Bee

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

I’m usually willing to give bees the benefit of the doubt because they do so much good for the environment. However, this species in particular is known to be very aggressive, even chasing their victims for miles. They were actually a failed experiment by a bee keeper, who ended up with these after breeding European and African bees. Good job making one of the most dangerous animals alive!

2. Cone Snail

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

Don’t let the pretty shell fool you – these snails mean business! Just one drop of venom from the cone snail can kill about 20 people. It’s also known as the “cigarette snail” because some say that you’ll only have time to smoke one cigarette after you’re poisoned by it. Pretty scary for a mollusk, I’d say.

3. Poison Dart Frog

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

This amphibian may have some enticing colors, but it’s got enough poison in it to kill thousands of mice. Even just touching it can kill – its skin holds enough venom to stop a large animal’s heart. I know it looks pretty, but please do not touch this frog. You will probably die.

4. Box Jellyfish

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

We already know that jellyfish aren’t very friendly, but this species in particular has been dubbed the world’s most venomous. A sting from a box jellyfish can cause death in two to five minutes, which doesn’t give you much time to think about your situation. You might be able to enjoy one last YouTube video.

5. Boomslang

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by 2.0

This colorful snake has a funny name, but the way it kills is hardly humorous. They don’t attack humans much, but when they do, they make it so our blood can’t clot. That basically means that we spend what’s left of our lives slowly bleeding to death from every orifice in our body. Yikes.

6. Puffer Fish

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

This kissable-looking fish is known for its ability to puff up into a spiky ball, but did you know that it’s one of the most poisonous vertebrates ever? Oddly enough, it’s a delicacy in Japan, but you’ll be in serious danger if you don’t prepare it correctly. I guess Japan likes to live on the edge.

7. Komodo Dragon

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by SA 3.0

Maybe they don’t look as scary as the dragons in fantasy novels, but komodo dragons are definitely terrifying. They’re known to eat animals as big as water buffalo and humans (!), and have even been seen digging up corpses. Thankfully, they only need to eat once a month.

8. Blue-Ringed Octopus

Via Wikimedia Commons / CC by 2.0

This octopus is only the size of a golf ball, but it still has enough venom to kill 26 people. Get too close, and you’ll find yourself completely unable to move or breathe. Doesn’t that sound fun?

9. Mosquito

Via Freestockphotos / CC0 1.0

Yes, the common mosquito is the considered most deadly animal. These filthy insects are known to transmit diseases to hundreds of millions, causing two to three million deaths per year. As if we didn’t hate them enough, right?

Featured image via Freestockphotos / CC0 1.0

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