WATCH! Pug Dances To George Michael

The internet is home to millions of funny animal videos. In fact, sometimes the highlight of our day is seeing a cat throw some serious shade at its human. But a pug that’s straight up dancing to music?

Our minds are blown.

In a video uploaded by ThatFunnyOne on YouTube, we see a pug seated on the floor. The little guy stares straight up at the television, mesmerized and entranced by what he sees: the late and great George Michael. Dressed in neon clothing, Michael is singing the hit song ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.’ He was a member of the group Wham! at the time.

Get reacquainted with the catchy song.

He does more than just dance, though. He moves his body to the beat of the catchy song. It’s pretty clear he’s not just scratching an itch, either.

Don’t believe us? Watch.

The next time you leave your pups at home alone, turn some music on. Dancing is a great way to reduce stress.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Youtube