WATCH This Friendly Grey Whale Lean In For A Kiss From A Tourist

A grey whale recently made headlines when it shared a very touching moment with a tourist in Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

The endangered gentle giant swam up to a sightseeing boat to check out a group of tourists. What happened next was unbelievable.

The whale popped its head up out of the water and, in a dog-like manner, sat and proceeded to allow a tourist pat it on the nose; the gentle creature also seemed to enjoy the attention very much.

Soon, other tourists started shouting at the tourist to give the whale a kiss. Which he did, several times.

The amazing and heart-warming video was shared by Todos Santos Eco Adventures.

Whales are common in the area this time of year as it is breeding season. Since hunting in the area has become almost non-existent these days, there have been more reports of whales interacting with tourists.

Grey whales were once referred to as devil fish because of their fighting style when hunted (and could you blame them?). They are now known to be some of the friendliest whales in the world.

Feature photo by Valerie Botta via