What Do Your Dreams Mean? 5 Dream Symbols Explained

Ever wonder if your dreams mean something? Some people seem to think so. Here are just a few common dream symbols with some of their agreed upon meanings.


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Teeth seem like an odd thing to dream about, but a lot of people seem to have dreams about them. In real life, teeth involve both a person’s appearance and chewing food. Therefore, in a dream, some say that teeth symbolize a concern over appearance, or possibly that there’s something that you need to “chew on,” or think about more.


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In real life, driving involves control, so some say that driving in dreams represents what kind of control you have over your life. Have you had a dream about driving? Are you the passenger or the driver? That in itself represents who is taking responsibility in your life. How you’re driving in the dream is also important – notice whether or not you’re driving recklessly.


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Flying is one of the most commonly reported themes in people’s dreams. Some say it can represent hope, others say it can mean that one is in control. Normally flying is associated with happiness and freedom, so that can be considered as well. “Reaching new heights” is a saying to think about when it comes to these dreams.

Being Chased

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Being chased is also a theme that comes up a lot. One obvious meaning is that the dreamer is running away from something in life, or being in denial about something. Perhaps it can mean that the dreamer is afraid of getting caught for some wrongdoing. Dreams seem to have a way of making people feel guilty.


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This is by far one of the most documented (and embarrassing) dream themes. In life, clothes hide a lot of things about us. Therefore, many people think that being naked in dreams symbolizes having one’s flaws and insecurities exposed. Perhaps this implies that the dreamer is ashamed of something and wants to hide it.

Want to know more? Visit DreamsCloud.com for more dream symbol interpretations. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s certainly fascinating to see what people think about their dreams.

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