What Were They Thinking? 17 Internet Tattoos And The People Wearing Them (TWEETS/VIDEO)

People love to get tattoos of what matters to them most. While you have your typical ones like zodiac signs, the names of loved ones and even get wedding rings, there’s yet another breed of ink addicts: geeks.

From smart phones to website names, the following people took a completely different route with their ink.


Wonder how they feel about iPhones.


How tempting would it be to press those ‘buttons?’


Can’t find anything to Instragram? Just get a tattoo of their logo and upload it.

Nintendo Life

Someone’s obsessed with the Nintendo Switch.

Spring Break

A permanent memento of your vacation and how you paid for it.


The only resume you’ll ever need.

Dank Memes

Dank Meme frog judges you.


If the Android robot were a puzzle piece.

In Memoriam

May all of those games rest in peace.


Even if MySpace makes a comeback, there’s just no revitalizing this tattoo.



You’re just asking people to press on your skin.

Twitter Whale

That poor whale now has to spend his life on someone’s body.


No more internet for this person.


Stop asking people to press your skin.


Proud Italian and Twitter user.


This might be worth it if they’ll waive the Prime membership fee.

Play Button

Just press play and see what happens.

Watch this video of someone getting a Facebook logo tattoo.

H/T: Oddee

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.