Where Do Billionaires Keep Their Cash?

Everyone wants to be a billionaire. Even Bruno Mars made a song dedicated to that dream. But when the opportunity comes along and you’re handed with some pretty hefty spare cash, are you truly prepared? Keeping that much money just about anywhere would be unwise and plainly careless. That said, you’d have to devise a plan and blend in just like billionaires nowadays do.

Maybe you just don’t believe in taxes and wouldn’t want the greedy authorities to have a huge portion of your bread. Or perhaps you find yourself in a Breaking Bad-like situation. And, like Walt, you don’t want your family and the government to find out about your questionable means.

What’s there left to do? Better call Saul! Kidding aside, billionaires have specific ways to render their money and make it pretty much untraceable, two words, money laundering. However, it must be said that by doing this, one is violating the law. If that still wouldn’t stop you, well, here’s a list of the basic avenues for this course.

A Trip to Macau and Hongkong Won’t Hurt

Up for some work-related vacation? Macau and Hong Kong are special and exquisite places for money launderers. Macau, the world’s casino capital, is a billionaire’s haven. Just make sure you find a cooperative casino, and you’re just a few chips away from keeping your cash in place. Meanwhile, Hong Kong offers a variety of the best and most compliant banks and other cash mediators. So, for a generous fee, both can give your dirty money a world tour and come back to your hands cleaner than ever.


Say Hello to the World of Smurfs

Nope, they’re not those innocent blue creatures, but yes, they’d be a big help to you. These folks will be doing the dirty tricks of tiny bank deposits every day to avoid watchful eyes. That way, your money will safely move without being detected. Just be sure to find trustworthy ones.

Corporate Deals

If you don’t want to go through all those or just don’t trust the process, perhaps this one is for you. All you have to do is learn how to over-invoice, and under-invoice so you can then funnel your money with some corporate deals. It’s a game of bribery, kickbacks, and embezzlement. Choose wisely!

Go for Diamonds


Who would’ve thought a girl’s best friend could be the way to go? Just buy up some gems, smuggle them, and find a good deal. Voila! You can also try utilizing anonymous debit cards and do minimal fund transfers.

BONUS: When money talks, people will listen. And that can help you big time in case you get busted. Be sure to save some for the rainy days as a crime would cost you a lot. More or less, all billionaires are doing these transactions, and they always get away with it all thanks to their massive green bills.

You can watch the video below for further information.

With great power comes great responsibility, amirite? I hope you find this useful to your venture or have fed your curiosity well enough. For detailed instructions, you can check out this article.

Featured Image: Mike Nudelman/Business Insider