Woman Buys House After 89-Year-Old Neighbor Is Evicted

Can you imagine yourself when you are already almost 90 years old? Having lived in a house for three decades or more, you built your family there, your children grew up there, and they all left for their life’s journey, but you are still there. And then suddenly, weeks before your 90th birthday you get evicted? What a tragic thought, right? But this is a true story for Angie Tyma who was kicked out of her house when the owner ran into some financial problems and just stopped paying for it.

Several years prior to this, Angie sold her house to a family friend, but they went to Europe, and when they had some financial problems, they stopped paying until the house was forced into a foreclosure.

Angie’s husband passed away some 20 years ago and she is alone, or so she thought. What she didn’t know is that the neighborhood has got her back.

Source: tampabay (DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD/Times)

A 65-year-old neighbor, Danielle Calder, who lives just a few houses away went to the investment company that owned the house and purchased it for $167,500.

On Angie’s 89th birthday, Danielle gave her the keys to her house and is now her landlord.

What a nice birthday gift, don’t you think?

Image via Spoutly.

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