Yes, These Are Real! 6 Weird Creatures From The Deep

You’d be surprised what you can find in the deep sea. It’s almost like another world, filled with weird alien-like creatures. We haven’t even come close to exploring the whole ocean, so there’s no telling what else is out there. Here are some strange creatures that we’ve found in our exploration of the alternate dimension that is the deep sea.


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These strange, fleshy creatures are also known as water bears. I’m guessing that’s because of their tiny claws. Tardigrades are actually very tiny, about .02 inches tall when they’re fully grown. They can also survive in temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -400 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t mess with these little guys.

Dumbo Octopus


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Aww. Look at it go! The dumbo octopi’s flapping ear fins make it obvious where its name comes from. Actually, their real name is the Grimpoteuthis, but I can understand why that wouldn’t catch on. If you ever see one of these, consider yourself lucky – they can live up to almost 10,000 feet underwater.

Mantis Shrimp

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You can tell just from looking at it that there’s a lot going on with the mantis shrimp. Fittingly, it has one of the most complex color receptors in the world, meaning it can see way more colors than we can. Some people also eat them with sushi. I can’t help but wonder how they taste.

Ocean Sunfish

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Yes, that’s a fish. Not only is it huge (weighing up to 2,000 pounds), it’s very strange looking. Despite that, ocean sunfish are actually pretty nice. They prefer to chow down on jellyfish rather than people, but people do eat them. That must make a hearty meal!


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You might recognize this horrifying beast from Finding Nemo. Remember the fish with the glowing antenna? That was an anglerfish. Its glowing antenna is actually used to bait fish so they can eat them, hence their name. It can actually eat things up to twice its size due to its huge mouth and general flexibility. If you see one of these, do not go towards the light.


Via Little Things

You might have seen this weird guy before – it’s pretty popular online. This jelly-like creature is known for its weird looks, but it actually looks fairly normal underwater. At one point it was even voted “World’s Ugliest Animal.” That’s harsh!


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