You Have To See This Guilty Cat’s Face After He Stole A Cinnamon Bun

For anyone who has ever owned a cat, it is not unusual to have several stories involving their cat and their adventures. Most often than not, these adventures include a whole lot of mishaps and misbehavior.

Such is the story of Sophia Lindner from Philadelphia and Percy, their family cat. Percy had been with Sophia’s family for six years already – six years that he has been up to no good.

Ever since the day they got him, Sophia shares that Percy has been mischievous. This is even more so when it involves getting his hands (or should I say, his paws) on human food in any way that is possible.

“Even though he knows the rules, he will still try to sneak around them.”

Sophia added that Percy has been caught trying to snatch, or having gotten popcorn, chicken, ham, PayDay, pasta, beef jerky and Cheez-its. He even got to the point where he can easily snatch up food from inside a Tupperware and even inside backpacks.

Christmas Mischief

Just this Christmas, Percy had another sleight of hand. But, unlike all his other adventures, this time he got caught.

Every Christmas, Sophia’s family had this tradition of making cinnamon rolls. Knowing that Percy will try to snatch some, Sophia specifically warned him and maintained that he understands the word “no.”

“He knows that the word ‘NO’ in a low tone means ‘don’t do whatever you’re about to do.’”

Needless to say, he did do what Sophia told him not to. Luckily, Sophia caught him at the exact moment and busted him for what he was about to do. Just look at that guilty surprised reaction as he got busted. Priceless!

Percy captured people on Twitter because, why not? Just look at how guilty he looks.

This Is Not An Isolated Incident

Apparently, Percy is not alone in this. The adventure itself sparked a bond on the cat owners in the Twitterverse who have cats like Percy.

When asked, Sophia said that she wasn’t even able to reprimand Percy for what he tried to do because he bolted right away.

Image via TwentyTwoWords


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