Young Elephant Melts Hearts When Reuniting With Mother After Four Years

If you have any kind of heart at all, you might want to grab some tissue.

An elephant really never does forget, as is demonstrated in this video of the reunion of a young female Asian elephant named Me-Bai, with her mother Mae Yui, at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

The pair were separated when Me-Bai was a little more than three years old, when the young elephant was sold to the tourism industry. Typically, young female elephants will spend many years with their mothers, if not their entire lives.

Natthanit Sommana, a spokesperson who works at the sanctuary, said Me-Bai did not fare well with her stint carrying tourists on her back, as she was too young to handle the stress and began to lose weight.

After several years away from her mother, the young elephant was rescued and brought to The Elephant Nature Park, based in Chiang Mai. Mae Yui had also recently been rescued from the tourist industry and brought to the sanctuary.

Caring individuals at the Elephant Nature Park are presently working to rehabilitate the two elephants so they can eventually return to the wild and live as elephants are meant to live – wild and free, roaming many miles per day on their own.

The task may be a bit daunting, as studies show that former work elephants may have difficulties adjusting to the wild, since they are used to people.

The sanctuary where the two currently reside is a well-known facility that demonstrates deep love and respect for elephants. So for now,  Me-Bai and Mae Yui can relaxing and enjoy living in peace and harmony while reestablishing their relationship.

Featured Image via Lek Chailert’s Facebook