Your Dog Has Your Back – Literally (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Dog parents are rejoicing at a little invention called doggy backpacks. While there are actual backpacks you can strap onto your dog, these babies are worn around human bodies and allow you to bring your four-legged friend wherever you go.

The idea first came to Jonathan Rivera, founder of Ruffit, when his dog stepped on glass and he had to carry him. He quickly took off his shirt and made a hammock of sorts around his shoulder, then rushed his poor baby to the doggy doctor.

That’s when Ruffit Dog Backpacks were born.

As the following images show, they’re great for bringing along your small pooch who is too tired to walk or for ones who are otherwise unable to walk. One woman even put a full-size pup in hers. 

Not sure how that felt on her back, but to each their own.

If your dog loves the outdoors but is unable to walk on all fours, be sure to check these out!

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Bundle of Joy

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Watch this video for even more dogs hitching a ride.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter