He Looks Like an Aging Hippie, But When He Sang ‘Imagine,’ Magic Happened

You know the phrase “looks can be deceiving”? How about “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, both of these apply to singer Christoffer “Chris” Kläfford. Chris was born in 1989 in Ramsberg, Sweden. To look at him, he looks like an aging hippie, even though he’s not really that old. Or maybe he looks like a hipster. I don’t know, to be honest. What I know is that he doesn’t look like your typical pop star. However, when Chris went on the hit TV talent show “America’s Got Talent,” he blew the judges away with his performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

When he took the stage at “America’s Got Talent,” Chris wasn’t new to performing. However, he was a relative unknown outside of his native Sweden. For 10 years, Chris performed in small bard, but in 2017, he got his big break when he participated in the Swedish version of “American Idol” (Swedish Idol). Chris won the competition that season and has a total of three top-five singles on Swedish radio. He has also had more than 35 million streams, sold-out concerts, and platinum sales. So the dude is no “unknown” anymore.

John Lennon Imagine album cover

However, when Chris graced all of us in the U.S. with his talents in season 14th of “America’s Got Talent,” he quickly became well-known in America. He ended up making it to the Idol finale but was eventually eliminated in the semifinals of the competition. For his first song in “American Idol,” he performed the song that Swedish audiences know him for: John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Chris Kläfford's Cover Of "Imagine" Might Make You Cry - America's Got Talent 2019

Of course, “Imagine” has been covered exhaustively. According to Wikipedia, more than 200 artists have performed the beloved song of the late Beatle, including the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Diana Ross, and Elton John. However, Chris didn’t just cover the song. He did something that usually isn’t tolerated with such a beloved song: he made it his own. Watch him below.

We love this guy!

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