Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas Perform Gorgeous ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Duet

Hearing Antonio Banderas’ name makes me think about Zorro and nothing else. That’s why I was hooked when I stumbled upon this video of him singing. I knew he could sing but I never really had the chance to listen to him. Even people in the comments section were shocked at how well he sings and how he was able to duet with Sarah Brightman, whose voice didn’t seem to grow old.

This spectacular “Phantom of the Opera” duet happened at Royal Albert Hall. It is a part of the musical concert done in honor of creator Andrew Lloyd Webber when he turned 50. In the 1980s Webber created the musical role of Christine Daaé for his then-wife Sarah. A lot of people found it sweet of Sarah to come back on stage and perform for his ex-husband, which is kind of sweet if you ask me.


Banderas, on the other hand, has been close to Webber since 1996 when they worked on the film adaptation of Evita, which is another musical that Webber composed. Banderas is a Spanish actor, singer, director, and film producer. His initial career path was soccer. He used to be a soccer player until he broke his foot when he was fourteen.


His gifted and sensual looks helped him find another career path and it did not take him long to smolder his way to the entertainment scene and eventually in the international movie scene. Just like how he oozed with sex appeal as he walked to the stage to where Sarah is when she started the song. Watch their spectacular performance below and prepare to fall in love with the two.

Don’t you just love how well these two’s voices blended together? The suspense of Banderas walking towards Sarah and then eventually starting to sing is just too much to handle!