String Trio Simply Three Performs Stirring Rendition of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Just simply relax and empty your mind of all the chaos 2020 has brought us. Let the sunshine brighten and change the gloomy days by listening to music that will surely set our mood. I bet some will opt for instrumental, it may lack words but the sound that the instruments emanate will cheer up our spirits.

Let’s be rugged and have fun with this exciting and electrifying trio know musically as Simply Three, it is composed of Nicholas (Nick) Villalobos, who plays the bass, Zack Clark plays the cello and Olivia Clair Lemmelin plays the violin. They got together in 2010 but Lemmelin has to leave the group in 2013 to pursue her Master’s degree and was replaced by Alex Wells on violin.


They covered “Rolling in the Deep” recorded by the English singer-songwriter Adele as a lead single and track album of her album 21. Written by herself and Paul Epworth and described it as dark blues and gospel disco tune. This performance was filmed and released in 2013 as the first official music video of Simply Three. They found this dome near Casa Grande in Arizona that is said to be haunted and a place for scrappy rituals, but this did not stop them from filming there because they found it a perfect spot for their arrangement.


The video opened in a vast rough land where the three of them were simply walking. Then Olivia starts playing her violins like a real virtuoso accompanied by Zack and Nick with their bass and cello. They continue playing with their instrument with gusto amazingly inside a dome while the jagged surrounding of the place is being viewed. And the finale is spectacular when petals of roses started dropping from the cupola’s opening like a blessing from heaven.

Watch below the entire video for a rugged experience.

Isn’t this simply heartwarming?