10 Cakes That Prove the 80s Aren’t Dead

For people of a certain age, it may come as a shock to realize that yes, the 80s are now retro. Although it has been touted as the decade of greed and excess, those of us who were children and teens in the 80s only remember the good things: the music, the video games, and the toys. 80s enthusiasts will pleased to know there are other people keeping the magic alive through 80s-themed parties and retro YouTube channels, but then there are the cakes.

Music was a big part of the 80s and thanks to new technology, it became more portable than ever. No longer stuck to the confines of one place, you could take the party with you if you had a boom box, which ranged from small single cassette players to dual cassette decks with audio controls that rivaled a NASA spaceship control panel.

Image Source: Dani Cakes Savannah

If you had a boom box, of course you needed cassette tapes. Long before crackdowns on music pirating, you could record all your favorite songs in one place, as well as make a mix tape for that special someone in your life.

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When it came to music, Michael Jackson was the man of the decade. His ubiquitous sequined glove and leather jackets made us feel like we had a little piece of him every time we wore them.

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Rubik’s Cube rattled many brains in its heyday. Some spent hours trying to align all the colors, while others just took the stickers off and reattached them.

Image Source: Sugar Siren Cakes Mackay

Thousands of hours and thousands of quarters were spent on PAC-MAN by kids all over America. It was the first addiction we ever had.

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Fashionistas everywhere had to have a Swatch watch. A $50 plastic watch never looked so cool!

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If you can’t decide which is your favorite 80s memory, just add them all together.

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