12-Year-Old Snags the Golden Buzzer with Her Original Song and a Ukulele

Grace VanderWaal walks onto the stage of America’s Got Talent with a smile and a ukulele. She introduces herself to the judges and tells them she will sing an original, which surprises Simon. She goes on to tell Simon her school friends are not aware she sings. Also, they have no idea she is even auditioning. When Simon asks her if she believes she could win, she replies, “miracles can happen, so possibly,” which brings cheers from the audience.

Grace's AGT Original Audition

Miracles Do Happen

The song begins cheerfully, and the audience seems to adore Grace. As they start to clap, you realize that what starts as a cute song written by a twelve-year-old, has a deeper meaning. You can see this shift beginning at minute 1:33.

Near the beginning of the song, she sings, “I don’t play by the rules of the game.” However, when the tempo slows, Grace sings, “I don’t know my name.” At this point, you realize this song has a depth to it that is at odds with what you might expect. ¬†She continues to sing, “I am lost trying to get found in an ocean of people,” at minute 1:43. The judges start to realize they are witnessing something incredible.

Now We Will All Know Your Name

Grace's AGT Golden Buzzer Moment

For a song that began by sharing some of Grace’s experience with finding herself in a crowd, it ends in triumph. She is still singing the same words, “I don’t know my name,” and “I don’t play by the rules of the game.” However, now it is with pride, rather than lost confusion. Honestly, we find that sentiment completely relatable. The audience does too, judging by their reaction at minute 2:24.

Standing ovation over, Howie wastes no time hitting the Golden Buzzer at minute 3:15.

You can watch the video here:

Yes, Grace, the whole world will know your name.

Images: YouTube