5 Barbie Dolls You Might Not Have Known Existed

Barbie’s been around for more than 50 years, even though she still doesn’t look a day older than 20. Through the years, she and her friends have tried new things and even faced controversy, but throughout it all, people still buy Barbies. Here are some Barbie doll ideas that I found interesting.

Wheelchair Barbie

Via Barbie ValuesDid you know that Barbie had a friend who used a wheelchair? I didn’t until recently. I actually love this idea — check out the bright pink wheelchair! Unfortunately, Becky’s success didn’t last long: controversy broke out when one girl realized that her chair wouldn’t fit in Barbie’s dream house. This may be why Mattel hasn’t used Becky again.

Growing Up Skipper

Via Messy Nessy Chic

This doll can grow in more ways than one. Just turn her arm and not only do her legs grow — her breasts grow as well. Yes, really. This is a doll that can grow boobs. Unsurprisingly, parents weren’t pleased by this,┬áso poor Skipper had to be taken out of stores. Oddly enough, Mattel decided to use this idea again┬áseveral years later.

Shaving Fun Ken

Via Barbie Values

I didn’t think plastic dolls could grow facial hair, but I guess they can! Even Ken needs to shave every once in a while, and this toy lets you help him out. This seems like a seriously odd idea for a toy – shaving isn’t exactly my idea of fun. However, it seems Mattel recycled this idea for a later Ken doll, so I guess it didn’t do too badly.

Pregnant Barbie

Via The FW

Yes, that is a pregnant Barbie doll. Actually, it’s Barbie’s friend Midge, who also had a wedding playset before this. It works like this: Midge’s pregnant belly is removable and can be attached magnetically, and by removing the belly you can see a tiny plastic baby inside of her stomach. Something about this is a little unsettling (especially looking at the picture on the right), but I guess it could have been worse. This doll caused a lot of controversy when it first reached stores, so its run was short-lived.

Grandparent Barbies

Via Barbie Values

These dolls were meant to go with Midge and her family, so these are actually Midge’s parents. If you put them all together, they’re one big happy family. Unfortunately, the controversy of the pregnant Midge doll meant that this playset would fade into obscurity. I actually like the idea of an older set of Barbie dolls, so I hope Mattel comes back to this one.