5 Fascinating Pictures Of Abandoned Amusement Parks

Almost everyone has been to a theme park – they’re well-kept, lively, and a good way to have some fun. However, when these parks are closed down, sometimes they’re left to the elements. In a way, they’re like relics from the past. Here are five of these relics.

Six Flags New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

Source: Wikipedia

Six Flags has a lot of different branches – one of them being New Orleans. Unfortunately, the effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused the park to close, and it has been abandoned ever since. There have been plans announced to redevelop it, so there’s still hope for a Six Flags location in New Orleans.

Pripyat Amusement Park (Pripyat, Ukraine)

Source: Wikipedia

This park’s state of disarray is due to the nearby Chernobyl disaster in 1986, leading it to become abandoned. Actually, this park may never have been open to the public – it was scheduled to open in May of 1986, while the Chernobyl disaster happened in late April.

The American Adventure (Derbyshire, England)

Source: Wikipedia

This wild west theme park was successful in its day. One of its roller coasters even won an award! Sadly, due to disrepair and other issues, the park closed and has since been demolished.

Lake Delores Waterpark (California, USA)

Source: Wikipedia

This water park was once known as the fun spot of the desert. However, due to debt, the park closed down and has since been left to the elements. These days it’s a popular place for urban explorers to visit.

Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

Source: Wikipedia

This park ended up closing its doors due to debt. Until the city of Berlin bought the area, restricted tours had been offered for curious urban explorers. Sadly, much of the remains of Spreepark were destroyed in a fire.


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