5 Times Kids Took Videobombing To Another Level

There are moments in everyone’s lives where children swiftly steal the spotlight. Whether the kids are talking, crying, or dancing, eye rolls and laughter abound whenever young children, quite literally, enter the picture.

It’s common knowledge that children are curious. Why else would they want to place their hands on hot stoves, open flour bags by the dozen, and shove full cups of steaming hot coffee-filled bliss off the counter just to watch it splatter?

If those seemingly mundane things entertain curiosity within our children, cameras are an entirely new field of experimentation.

But these kids take it to another level.

The Youngest Child Always Outshines The Rest

Fart Jokes Never Get Old


Kid’s Got Moves!


Locks Are Things, Too



From surprises entrances to surprise caresses, children never cease to turn heads and cause maniacal laughter in the process. Their senses of humor always outshine ours, and they leave lasting impressions on whoever they might have embarrassed in the process.

But, why should they get to have all the fun?

To the kids of the world: keep that sense of humor. Make memories. Destroy important videos! Make your mark on this world.

Just remember: payback is the sweetest revenge.


Featured image courtesy of The Chive.