60-Year-Old Woman’s Makeover Is So Dramatic Her Own Daughter Doesn’t Recognize Her

A dramatic makeover can make you feel like a new person, but seldom does one make you unrecognizable to others.

Like many women, Kim realized she was in a rut with her beauty routine and wanted to make a change.

The 60-year old’s family got together and gave Kim the gift of a makeover for her birthday as a surprise.

The surprise was welcome, and it went better than anyone could have expected.

Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy

Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45

Christopher Hopkins is known as The Makeover Guy.

He has decades of experience with dramatic makeovers, starting from when he was a child.

After writing a book titled “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45,” he began a YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has an international following and he shows beauty makeovers.

Kim’s Makeover

Before her makeover, Kim was no stranger to the work of The Makeover Guy, as she spent years watching his YouTube videos.

Kim mentioned several years before her surprise that a makeover by Christopher for her 60th birthday would be a dream come true.

Naturally, her family worked hard to make this dream a reality.

Surprise! Shock Sets In

60-Year-Old Woman's Dramatic Makeover

Kim’s shock is visible and the second she sees herself, she begins to tear up.

Kim received all new makeup and a dramatically different hairstyle.

Christopher cut and colored her hair, which resulted in a dramatic change.

Kim talked about wanting to pass out when she saw how much hair was removed, but she decided to ‘go with it.’

However, her daughter can scarcely process the fact that this Kim is her mom and remains speechless for several moments.

The Change Goes Beyond a Dramatic Makeover

Kim seems like a different person after her makeover.

Her voice and demeanor seemed to evolve as she took in the beautiful and glamourous change.

Check out the video here:

It is clear the makeover uplifted her spirits, and while the difference is shocking, it is clear Kim knew this is how fabulous she was supposed to look.