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WTF? 13 Amazing And Terrifying Makeup Transformations

You may have seen this article by us about a woman transforming herself into a creepy wooden doll. Well, the makeup horror isn’t over, friends – we have more to show you. Meet Mimi Choi, a makeup artist on Instagram who is way too good at what she does. Her unique and mesmerizing makeup art often works like an optical illusion; it has to be seen to believed. That’s why I’m about to show you 13 of these gorgeous (and horrifying) looks by Mimi Choi. You might not want to look further if you’re squeamish.

1. How Does She Do That With Her Face?!

Via Twisted Sifter

2. Now That’s Attention To Detail!

Via Twisted Sifter

3. A Human Abstract Painting

Via Twisted Sifter

4. This Looks Way Too Real – Is This Witchcraft?

Via Twisted Sifter

5. I Call This One “The Rubik’s Cube”

Via Twisted Sifter

6. It’s Like Peeled Paper – So Cool!

Via Twisted Sifter

7. Where Did Her Eyes Go?!

Via Twisted Sifter

8. I Can’t Tell Where Her Real Face Begins!

Via Twisted Sifter

9. I Like This Cracked iPhone Screen Look

Via Twisted Sifter

10. Another Rubik’s Cube Look – Fascinating!

Via Twisted Sifter

11. She Must Have Excellent Vision

Via Twisted Sifter

12. Looks Like You’re A Little Lopsided

Via Twisted Sifter

13. I Think This One’s My Favorite!

Via Twisted Sifter

If you liked these looks, definitely check out Mimi Choi’s Instagram page – she’s crazy talented! You can also check out this article by Twisted Sifter.

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Via Pinterest

Featured image via Twisted Sifter

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