7 Amazing Music Websites!

For those that enjoy classical music to those that enjoy musically-integrated games, this comprehensive list of the best music-based websites has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you have an ear-worm to abolish or a new genre you didn’t know that needed to be discovered, let this list be your guide around the internet to all things musically unique.

You never know, you might find your new favorite channel to bookmark

1. Every Noise At Once is an ingenious scatter-map of different types of music. The closer the type of music is on the map, the more in common the genres share with each other. The website houses over 1300 different types of genres, and also offers the option to scan the genres randomly as well as create your own playlist. Discovering new music has never been so minimalistic.

2. Songkick is a simple website that grants you the ability to scan your music library and notify you of nearby concerts. That way, you never miss a nearby performance of your favorite band!

3. Are you a fan of all things white noise-related? Then look no further than Simply Noise. But white noise isn’t all the integrate. They also have brown noise for aiding in sleep and pink noise for aiding in relaxation.

4. If classical music is your penchant, than take a look at Classical-Music-Online. It is a comprehensive library of all classical music composers and eras, and even offers a player that will choose music for you to listen to. Want some say in what you hear? Choose from a number of shared playlists from other users!

5. Tired of replaying the same ol’ ear-worm over and over in your head? Unhearit is the solution to your problem. Simply go to the website and replace one repetitive ear-worm with another!

6. If you find yourself wishing SimCity would turn musical, then look no further than Isle Of Tune. You can create islands with streets and cars, and as those specific cars pass specific things (such as trees and houses) on specific streets, particular sounds are made that create the “song of the isle.” Save those islands, share them with others, and explore other musical isles with their own unique tunes!

7. This Is My Jam is a website so simply ingenious, you have to wonder why someone didn’t think it up sooner. The website is simple, you can share the song you currently have on repeat that is doin’ it for you, as well as listen to other people’s jams that are doin’ it for them.

If this article did its job, then you aren’t even reading this line yet! However, if you have made it to the end of this list and still haven’t found something for you, then try this bonus suggestion straight from the writer herself!

8. Boil The Frog is perfection. This website allows you to pick two artists from any genre to listen to, and the website blends a seamless playlist transitioning from one artist’s song to the other. It’s the perfect way to discover new music as well as listen to the songs and artists that you want to.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.