7 Creative Science Projects – Fun For Kids And Adults!

Who else remembers doing science projects in school? I kind of miss the days of homemade volcanoes and potato chargers. Well, who says those days have to end? Here are a few cool experiments that you can try at home – with or without your kids, if you have any. Don’t be afraid to share your results!

Make Heat-Sensitive Slime

Slime is pretty easy to make, and you can find thermochromic pigment on Amazon. Check out this tutorial and watch how the slime reacts to different situations.

Discover How Light Reflects With Rainbow Paper

Via Science Kiddo

All you need for this project is black paper, water, and clear nail polish. Check out the full tutorial on Science Kiddo to make your own pretty rainbows.

How Does Rain Work? Try Making Your Own

This is a simple experiment that you can do with just household things such as shaving cream and food coloring. Watch the tutorial video to see how it all comes together – it makes a pretty rain cloud!

Learn About Geology – Make Geodes With Eggshells!

I still can’t believe these are egg shells. For this one, you’ll need alum powder, but you can buy it online pretty easily. The eggs from the tutorial came out so pretty – it makes me want to try!

Magnetic Slime: Because Slime Wasn’t Fun Enough!

This is similar to the heat sensitive slime experiment, but this time you need magnetic powder. Again, this can be obtained online without much trouble. The slime’s reaction is so weird!

Make Lovely Patterns With Wax Paper And Watercolors

Via Housing A Forest

Did you know that watercolor paint makes interesting patterns when paired with wax paper? It’s true! Check out the tutorial at Housing A Forest.

Make Crystals In Your Freezer With Epsom Salt!

I’ve actually done this before, and it turned out great! The main things you’ll use are the epsom salt and the watercolors. The crystals are delicate, so be careful not to break them.

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Featured image via YouTube