7 Quality Quotes That Will Inspire You To Keep Going

There are three words. Three words that, when arranged a very specific way, tell the truest tale of life that no mere human could ever top.

Life is hard.

Sometimes, it’s like falling through an empty cavern: your heart is racing and your body is panicking, and you just know that you’ll have a heart attack before the bottom floor shatters your aching bones.

Sometimes, it’s like a sinkhole opening from underneath you: the smile quickly fades as your one-steady ground rumbles, opening up to swallow you whole as you cling to the edge of the earth.

But sometimes, it’s like a loose hair: you can’t see it, and you don’t know where it is, but it’s nagging at you in inconvenient times and you just wish you could get rid of it.

No matter what metaphor you choose, one thing remains the same: the widespread panic and exhaustion from constantly barreling through brick walls in your way gets old.  Your bones get sore, and your soul gets weary.  Your mind gets heavy and your limbs become immobile. Sometimes, the difficulty can be just rolling out of bed.

These seven quotes will breathe life into your bones in a real and hard-hitting fashion.

Write them in your journal. Post them on your bathroom mirror. Tape them to your dashboard or scatter them around your office. Always keep them handy when you need to be reminded that life is a series of hard-hits, and that its how you deal with those hard-hits that turns you into who you will become. Keep them handy to breathe in whenever life feels a little too heavy.  Because, if you take the time to read and re-read them, it will be a few seconds of your life devoted to healing yourself…and that time?

That time is never a waste.

1. Sometimes, it’s not about dodging the hits.

2. Above all else, show up.

3. Maya Angelou never had it so right.

4. A different look as success can help.

5. Think of the noise you could make with the hardships you are enduring.

6. It’s never about elegance.

7. No introduction necessary.


There are times when life is unbearable. Re-frame your mind with these quotes, and memorize them for the future.  Their truths take some time to chew, and they shift your current view.  Continue to shift your view with these quotes, and eventually it will become habit.

After all, many great things once started out of mere habit.

Featured image courtesy of Reddit.