9 Barefoot Women in Flowing Blue Dresses Sing ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Against Breathtaking Mountain Backdrop

“I can only imagine” what one would feel after watching this amazing performance with the breathtaking view of a mountain top as the background. I’m sure one would get elated and be captivated by this group of young talented girls who stand together and raise their angelic voices doing a capella song.

Bringham Young University has a stunning music department and what’s even more astonishing has a female A Capella group called BYU Noteworthy. These young ladies are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And they often sing covers of popular gospel songs and music to convey their faith. They have impressive followers that all their YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers.


This cover is particularly more enchanting because their voices blended with one cohesive sound. And take note they are not professional singers but just college girls. Since Noteworthy is found in Utah where breathtaking nature areas can be explored to shoot videos that are perfect for the song “I Can Imagine”. An ideal place where they can sing the word of God on top of the world.


These barefoot women with flowing blues dresses started off their song with one single singer thrashing the note of the opening verse flawlessly. After a while followed by two more singers with the same power of voices and before we realized it other voices joining in amazingly creating a single harmony. One single voice stood out that caught the listener with her powerhouse voice when she hit the chorus with high notes that made the song complete. But all in all, it was still a group effort where each one performed and shared their great talent.

There are hundreds of videos from them that we can explore and enjoy and can imagine the joy it would bring us.