9 Years After Britain’s Got Talent, Connie Talbot Is As Perfect As You Would Expect

When she was five years old, Connie Talbot won the heart of the world on Britain’s Got Talent with this song:


Time hasn’t stood still. While she may always be that adorable little angel with perfect pitch to all of us, she’s actually an almost-adult — and she’s as perfect as you would expect or imagine her to be.

Here’s a video showing her progression from adorable tot to adorable teen.

This is how she looks. Those eyes.


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This hair.


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Simon Cowell still adores her.

And I mean it. She is grown up.

Girl power???

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What’s she been up to?

  • debut album sold 250K copies and went to number one in three countries
  • sang in front of 400 million people at China’s New Year celebrations
  • has a YouTube channel with 600K subscribers
  • has remained grounded, according to mom, and is a typical (but hella talented) teenager
  • focuses on school, accepting books only for holiday times
  • is a megastar in Asia

And she sings. My goodness, does she sing. Listen to her now.

That is all. Take my money, Connie. All of it! Sing, you beautiful creature….sing sing sing!

Find Connie Talbot on her website, Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.