93-Year-Old Is Getting Married But Wants Your Help Choosing Her Wedding Dress (VIDEO)

After declining one man’s marriage proposals several times before, one 93-year-old woman finally said ‘yes.’ As she was looking for a dress for her big day, she asked people online for their opinion.


Sylvia Martin has been with Frank, 88, for 20 years. She’d refused his marriage proposals before because she didn’t want to disrespect her deceased husband by taking a new surname. Luckily he never gave up.

Then she found out that changing your last name was just an option, not mandatory. So she said ‘yes’ and they’re getting married this July.

The Dress

Sylvia recently visited Birdsnest, a clothing store where she tried on potential wedding dresses. After narrowing her choices down to four, she asked for a little help.

So the store uploaded a picture of her wearing the four different dresses and asked Facebook users for their thoughts. Thousands of people gave their advice after seeing her in the stunning dresses.

Source: Facebook

Over 5,000 users urged her to wear the cape dress, option D. One person even said:

“it makes you look stylish, sophisticated and not a day over 80!”

In the end, the bride-to-be went with option C. It’s called the Sacha Drake Cipolla dress. A simple yet stunning number that Frank is sure to adore.

We wish her all the best on her wedding day.

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Watch this video to learn more about Sylvia’s story.


Feature Image Source: Facebook.

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