A Biker Gang Provided 24/7 Protection For A Girl As She Testified Against Her Abusive Stepfather In Court

You see a group of bikers going down the highway with their massive beards and leather jackets, and you probably roll your eyes thinking they’re about to start some trouble. But that’s only because the media wants you to believe all bikers are bad.

Are there a few dangerous gangs out there? Of course, but the majority of them have bigger hearts than you do, especially those bikers in the incredible group BACA or Bikers Against Child Abuse. The international non-profit was founded back in 1995 by a Native American child psychologist whose ride name is Chief.

He discovered a young boy who had suffered extreme abuse and was too afraid to leave his home. He tried to talkĀ  with the boy, but the only thing that seemed to get his attention was Chief’s bike. When news spread around town, over 20 bikers showed up at the boy’s house and managed to get him outside for the first time in weeks.

Ever since then, BACA has been helping abused children all over the world. They take advantage of their “tough” image to make the children feel more secure when they’re around.


And if you’re skeptical about this, you should probably watch the video below. In an interview with Yahoo, a woman remembered what it was like to have BACA around when she was going through the most difficult time of her life.

She had been abused by her stepfather when she was 10-years-old. She was scared, “I no longer ate. I didn’t sleep. It was the worst time of my life.” she said during the interview.

But then BACA showed up to save the day…

Images via: Youtube