A Bunch Of Rowdy Frat Guys Did Something Crazy To A Sick Little Girl


Lexi Brown is a lovely twelve-year old that is sadly suffering from cancer. She recently spent some time at the Mattel Children’s Hospital in UCLA. In fact, her room faced one of the biggest fraternity houses on campus- and to pass the time– Lexi and her mother placed a sign in her window asking for pizza deliveries. What they received, however, was something more incredible than an extra large pie with pepperoni and onions.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon house saw the sign and walked across the street. They not only brought Lexi and her mom pizza, but also a lovely bouquet of roses. One of the great members even brought along his guitar to play music for Lexi, which brought tears to her eyes and that of her mother, Lisa.

The fraternity boys formed a lasting bond of friendship with Lexi and Lisa. They also opened the doors to visits from the UCLA football and women’s tennis teams. The visits continued on a regular basis with gifts, games, stuffed animals, and other treats to brighten up Lexi’s day.


Perhaps the biggest light of them all, however, was when the fraternity boys put Lexi’s name on the roof of their house. This was courtesy of neon and purple lights -Lexi’s favorite color- along with a flashing beating heart. They wanted to illuminate their love for Lexi and her heart was filled with immense joy every time she looked out the window.

YouTube / CBS Los Angeles


While Lexi returned home to continue her battle with cancer, the brothers kept the lights hung through the holiday season. They will continue to do this for every holiday moving forward – and SAE members from all over the nation are now donating funds to help Lexi’s family pay her hospital bills. Stories like this one truly restore our faith in humanity.

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Featured image via: NBC News