A Cat Playing Piano like Beethoven Is the Best Thing You’ll See This Week

We all know that cats are everything. They’re magnificent, funny, beautiful, and even talented. Their feline magic always captures everyone’s hearts and brightens up our day. And this internet sensation is no exception. A viral kitty had her solo catcerto at home and it’s too adorable! Nora is a grey tabby who apparently loves Beethoven. She became famous worldwide for her interesting piano performances of the legendary pianist’s complicated but exquisite pieces. With her tiny paws, she was able to create a melody like no other and we just couldn’t help but look in wonderment.

Plus, what could be a better way to pass some time than watching an amusing cat slaying some classical music? The tabby kitty is currently 15 years old and has actually been in the music industry since she was one. She didn’t even need a formal music education and just plays right from her heart and soul. And it always comes out purrfect! The talented whisker was a rescue kitten found lurking around the streets of Camden, New Jersey. She was one of the few who were given the chance to have a lovely life in a loving home and start anew.

She catapulted to fame in 2007. Now, she had earned about 20,000 subscribers on her official YouTube channel and even has her own website! I mean, who could say no and resist a beautiful fluff who loves music? Guess this catto was a charming pianist in one of her nine alternate lives! The curious cat even stays still on the chair like an actual pianist. She doesn’t seem to have the urge to walk over the keys unlike most of our furry friends. And she also appears to be genuinely interested in playing along as the piece echoes in the background.

Watch the delightful video below and cheer on Nora the Piano Cat. Round of apaws, please!

What a cute and talented furball! I just want to hug and congratulate her on a job well done. Somebody ought to give her a treat!