Adorable Feisty Kitten Hates Getting Splint Reapplied to Injured Leg

In this video, this sweet kitty is getting a leg splint so the break can heal. Bobo is displeased with the process, and he has an adorable way of expressing displeasure.

Bobo was brought to Alley Cat Rescue by a good samaritan. It was clear right away that Bobo’s leg may be broken. Fortunately, the infection did not spread, and Bobo avoided amputation.

Bobo is known to be a vibrant and active kitty who only wants to play, which explains why having a splint gets in the way of him living his best life.

Alley Cat Rescue Is on a Mission

Bobo the cat gets a leg splint

Alley Cat Rescue came into being in 1997 as the nation’s first National Cat Protection Association.

Louise Holton formed the group to help cats. Also, the mission is not only to help strays or abandoned cats, but they also work to protect wild and feral cats.

Alley Cat Rescue started helping feral cats with a trap to and neuter program that ultimately returned the cats to barns, warehouses, shops, and other places where they can assist with controlling the rodent population. The feral cats have a purpose but are unable to reproduce.

Also, the organization works to rehome friendly cats.

You can watch Bobo in the video here:

 What Is the Difference Between a Stray and a Feral Cat?

Bobo is displeased with his splint

A stray cat spent some part of its life with humans and, to a degree, is accepting of human companionship.

Usually, stray cats are lost or left behind by their owners.

Also, strays live alone and might be afraid of humans, but they can be reintroduced to living in a home. Sometimes strays are left on their own so long they become feral.

On the other hand, a feral cat has never been socialized with humans and is very wary of human interactions.

Feral cats sometimes belong to a colony or group of other wild cats.

You can not expect feral cats to become pets. However, if kittens are found young enough, there is still time to socialize them to become companions to humans.

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