Too Friendly To Be A Police Dog, This Career Change Suits The Cute Pup Well

Being a police dog is hard: it takes strength, determination, focus, and a bit of a tough side. Not all dogs who have the attitude for it make it through training, and some dogs who are chosen to go through this training do not have the innate disposition for the job in the first place.

Our story today is about Gavel, a Germen Shepherd from Queensland, Australia who did not have that innate disposition despite hopes others had for him.

While he was going through police dog training, he was labeled “too social” and was let go from the training program while he was being fostered at the residence of the Queensland governor.

The staff didn’t know what to do with the pooch who had been let go, so they decided to give him a new job: vice-regal dog. The position was made official in February of this year, and this cute puppy is the perfect fit for his new job.

The office of Governor Paul de Jersey has stated that Gavel has outgrown four ceremonial coats, adjusted to his career change well, and has brought an immeasurable amount of joy to everyone he has come into contact with.

Gavel spends his time not only welcoming guests to Queensland’s Government House, but also attends official functions while bearing the state’s coat of arms on his work outfit.

He also spends his time being a very, very good boy.

He even gets to put in vacation time for the holidays!

While Gavel is getting bigger and growing in prominence in his job, it seems that no one will forget the very first time he put on his official work outfit and began bringing to life and joy to the home where he was truly meant to be.

Not even Gavel himself.


Featured image courtesy of Instagram/qldgovernor.

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