Andrea and Matteo Bocelli’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Duet Will Leave You Full of Admiration

We may have heard of the two Bocelli gentlemen singing ever exquisitely the song, “Fall On Me”, countless times. Yet we still just couldn’t get enough of it! I mean, who’d miss a chance to listen to the divine vocals of these two? Not to mention that the father and son duo never fails to bring perfection on the table. And now, Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli are going to perform the lovely piece once again. This time, it’s packed with elegant dancers who gracefully sway to the melody and enhance the magic that these gentlemen’s voices bring.

This is for the American TV show, Dancing with the Stars. For that particular week, the theme was “Disney”. So, all the performers should create dance routines in line with the iconic songs featured in the famous Disney films. And to spice it up a bit more, the Bocelli duo sang back to back as they play their respective grand pianos. In case you’re wondering why they chose that song, “Fall On Me” is actually the end credit soundtrack of the Disney movie, The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Plus, the two obviously fits just right in!

Andrea and Matteo undeniably look like some Disney royalties with incredible musical flair. Add it up with the elegant stage set up full of shining chandeliers, the performance looks something straight from a fairytale. It’s breathtaking! Similar to the official video, Matteo took the lead first in the performance, singing gracefully and lovingly the first verse. This is then followed by his dad’s powerful vocals. As the song progresses, lovely dancers started to take the stage and danced in pairs. And it just keeps on getting better and better- the two finally sang together in a chilling duet that just never fails to send shivers down your spine. The piece is then ended ever gorgeously with much lightness and certainty.

Watch the timely and dreamy performance below that will surely take you to another world!

Well, the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? The way their voices compliment each other is just beyond perfect!