Andrea Bocelli Just Dropped a New Video Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ With Alison Krauss

“Amazing Grace” was a message of forgiveness and redemption written by John Newton to illustrate a New Year’s Day sermon of 1773. This song became popular to preachers as part of their evangelization and it has been performed 10 million times and was recorded in the 20th-century thousands of times. This song always gives us goosebumps every time we hear it whoever performs it.

The year 2020 has been a year of trials with all the calamities and the pandemic and it has not ended yet and all of these our spirit tends to breakdown. But we humans being resilient try to fight back try to face the battle and it pays to pray. And in any kind of religious music and singing is part of praying and “Amazing Grace” is one of the songs that give us a feeling of redemption and salvation.

Andrea Bocelli a world-renowned tenor doing a duet of “Amazing Grace” with Alison Kraus will give us more of a feeling of comfort. This rendition is so powerful that it will move us and gives us hope. Once the legendary opera singers start the song it captivates and spellbinds us that all we want to do is close our eyes just listen and that nothing else seems to matter but all we feel is love and goodness.


It becomes more enchanting and bewitching once Alison Maria Krauss joins in. She is an American bluegrass-country singer. Her soaring voice sounds like the wings of an angel that elevates us to heaven away from all the troubles. This perfect combination gave a rebirth to the “Amazing Grace” song that lifted countless spirits and will guide people to light after darkness and gave them the courage to move on.

Watch the amazing and touching performance of the great artists that completes the lives of every one of us.

Isn’t amazing how a seemingly simple song can be added with so much magic by the singer?