Bad Wolves Sends Shivers in Their Emotional Cover of ‘Crawling’ in Honor of Chester Bennington

Three years ago this month we lost a legend in Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. He died by suicide on July 20, 2017, and a whole world of fans was crushed by his loss.

Chester spent much of his adult life dealing with depression and addiction. His music spoke to those of us that deal with these same demons. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and his lyrics spoke to millions.

The band Bad Wolves decided to do a cover of Linkin Park’s “Crawling” in honor of Chester for the third anniversary of his death. It is very slowed down and raw and emotional.

The band Bad Wolves posted this message in part of their Facebook page where they originally streamed the cover:

“Three years ago today we lost one of the greatest voices in modern rock #ChesterBennington. Depression, addiction and suicidal ideation destroys more lives then you can imagine.”

Here is the video for the original song:

Bad Wolves slowed it down and made it much more raw and emotional (if that’s even possible).

Chester said that this was one of the hardest songs to sing live because of its connection to his drug abuse as a teen. “Crawling” is a description of his taking methamphetamines and feeling things crawling under his skin and the anxiety and the paranoia of taking these drugs. He called it the “most literal” song he ever wrote for Linkin Park.

Several other bands did covers of Linkin Park songs after Chester passed. The band even had a three-hour concert celebrating Chester’s life.

They brought on various artists to sing Linkin Park songs and they talked about Chester.

If you or a loved one are dealing with suicidal ideations please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. You can also text HOME to 741741 to speak to the Crisis Text Line.

Featured image: YouTube.